Cotton Cuddles – Party Penguins


Cotton Cuddles – Party Penguins

Swaddle your baby in winter and summer with this beautiful blankie made from 100% cotton muslin. This handy blankie can also be used as discreet breastfeeding cover, pram or stroller cover or lie-down blankie for some much needed tummy time. Useful and multi-purposeful. Not only does it look pretty, but it works as a good all-rounder.

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100% Cotton muslin blankets
120cm x 120cm
Washing instructions on care label

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Our Cotton Cuddles™ tags are nice and big to mark your little one’s blankie. This is especially useful for when it gets tagged along to crèche or daycare, where these popular items are easily lost.

This age-old practice of tightly wrapping babies in blankets or similar cloths to restrict movement, resembles the snug fit your baby experiences in the womb.

Swaddling is soothing and it helps to make your baby feel more content. It also improves sleep – for baby and you! Newborns tend to jerk themselves awake and swaddling helps to prevent this. There are various techniques, but our favourite is folding the little arms in over the chest. Some babies like to have their fingers close to their face. But please note, all babies are different and you will need to find what works for your little person.

Handy swaddling instructions are available on the back of our packaging. You can also download swaddling instructions here.

Please be aware to always leave room for the little legs to move and do not tightly swaddle the hips in the downward position as this can cause hip dysplasia. There are some handy tips online if you want to find out more.

Swaddle video: www.youtube.com/mynesi

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